Want Your Instagram Posts to Go Viral

Once again! Social media platforms play an important role in developing a business. Yes, of course the main factor is with interesting Instagram posts, so online businesses can benefit greatly from Instagram. Every month, 700 million people around the world use Instagram. Where every day there must be more than 400 million people who are active with Instagram. The content posted also starts from stories, photos to text and videos.

Content delivered through the Instagram app has a lot of influence on its users.

If you already know how the Instagram algorithm works, it will definitely make it easier for you to be able to display your Instagram posts in the first place. This is based on the possibility that followers Training Directors Email Lists or other users are interested in our posts. This means that photos or videos with lots of likes and comments have a greater chance of appearing on the main page or in the first order. Then to create interesting Instagram posts so that they become viral,

with informative content without containing ‘hoaxes’, what is it like?

Training Directors Email Lists

0.1 1. Make sure the content you provide is interesting to read
0.2 2. 200 Characters, including emoji and 30 Hashtags
1 Here are 12 tips for compiling an interesting caption
1.1 1. Know your audience first
1.2 2. Identify your brand or brand
1.3 3. Consider the number of short or long of each caption
1.4 4. Place the most important words at the beginning of the caption
1.5 5. Edit and write again
1.6 6. Use hashtags but don’t overdo it
1.7 7. To get interesting Instagram posts, try asking questions for your followers!
1.8 8. Invite someone via mentions to make your Instagram post more interesting
1.9 9. Get lots of users involved
1.10 10. Feel free to use emoji
1.11 11. Use quotes
1.12 12. Schedule instagram posts to be more organize

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