Tips Untuk Social Media Marketing

If you’re still confused about how you should start your social media marketing strategy, don’t worry! We will guide you how to do the following:

Determine the goals you want to achieve

Do you want to promote your business as a leader in your own industry? Do you want to find new customers and build relationships with your customers? From these goals, you can proceed to the next step.

Choose a social media platform that will help your business
Indeed, there are many social media platforms scattered on the internet, but you should not immediately create all social media accounts because you need to manage the community on each social media. Choose a platform or two that can help you. Is your business in the B2B industry and want to build thought leadership? Choose LinkedIn. Can you make a product with visual marketing? Choose Instagram.

Create your profile

Make sure that your brand profile reflects your audience on the social media you choose. This means you cannot use the same description on every social media platform. For example, if you’re creating a profile on LinkedIn, write a business description like you’d meet a professional at a seminar. If you use Instagram, choose a more interesting and engaging bio.

Decide what content you want to share
Posts that you make later must also be appropriate for the platform. You can use the same content for multiple Manufacturing Directors Email Lists social media such as Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn needs more professional content. Don’t forget to use images on your social media. Images and headlines should grab attention as people scroll through their social media feeds.

Create a content schedule

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You need a schedule to make it easier for you to manage your social media. There are several apps you can use, such as Sprout Social and HootSuite to schedule your social media posts. The content calendar can help you determine what types of posts you want to share on your social media. Then you can prepare the content in advance. In addition, with the above application, you can immediately schedule posts automatically.

Monitor your social media accounts
Pay attention to your social media platform analytics to see what content your followers like the most. The measuring tool that you can use is engagement. See which content has the most engagement on your social media accounts. Not only analytics, you also have to monitor your own account and establish communication with your followers. If there are questions, answer them as quickly as possible. If anyone leaves a review or rating, say thank you. This is important for building a community and forging your relationship with your customers. This is the main goal of social media marketing.

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