Set the Target Audience

In this settings section, you have two options/options:

Create a new Facebook target audience
Using the audience you have created
Do not rush in determining your target audience because this is one of the important elements in placing an ad. The target audience will also determine the cost of advertising as well as the success of your ad.

4. Set your ad placement

Next, you choose several options to place your ad. Here are some options:

Facebook News Feed (Mobile and desktop)
On the right side of Facebook
Audience Network
Instant Articles
In-stream Videos
Of course, for this ad, you will choose Instagram. In addition, you can also select multiple ad placements Business Development Directors Email Lists for a single ad. Here are some ad placements recommended by Facebook:

Brand awareness : Facebook and Instagram
Engagement : Facebook and Instagram
Video views: Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network
App installs: Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network
Traffic (for web clicks and app engagement): Facebook and Audience Network
Product catalog sales : Facebook and Audience Network
Conversions : Facebook and Audience Network

5. Manage your Instagram ad bidding and budget

Business Development Directors Email Lists

Setting and determining the budget and bidding for your Instagram ads is one of the important factors. In ad bidding, the process is the same as for an auction but in this case, you want to get the attention of social media users. There are three factors that contribute to your advertising costs:

Bid your Facebook ad . The more you pay for advertising, the more optimal FB will be in distributing your ads. You can of course enter the numbers you want, but you can also automate bids. With automatic bids, you may end up with a higher price. However, the more successful your ad is, the cheaper the bid will be. So with automatic bids, you can get a more optimal distribution of ads.
Relevance scores. Every ad you place on FB and IG has a relevance score. Facebook assesses relevance by looking at the reactions from the ads themselves, both positive and negative. From this factor then Google will set your relevance score. This relevance score has a direct effect on your advertising costs and how FB prioritizes your ads.
Estimated action rates.

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