Post More Content like Your Top Posts

Your most popular posts are clearly the content that people love the most. So, post more photos, videos or insta stories like your popular posts. This is necessary so that you can continue to grow your account.

6. Post with an Effective Pattern

The pattern doesn’t have to be the same all the time. You can test it with A/B Testing. You can also try various patterns in uploading your posts. For example, you upload your kind of popular post regularly twice a week or if you find another pattern, please give it a try!

7. Post Consistently
This trick is already known by many celebrities. Posting content consistently can have a good impact on your business opportunities on Instagram. Why do you have to do it this way? Most people have a regular pattern of time to access their Instagram accounts. For example, at lunch time and others. With your users or audience accessing Instagram consistently, you also need to upload posts consistently.

Then, how can you upload consistently? Try to plan carefully (with survey data and others). Don’t upload Communication Directors Email Lists randomly, either by time or by type of content. Try to be consistent every time! Keep your personal and business accounts separate if you want to post anything personal that doesn’t fit.

8. Ask Questions in the Captions for Your Followers
Get them to interact on your account by asking simple interesting questions. For example, you could simply ask where they are from or what their professional field or talent is.

How to Add Instagram Followers

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9. Always Reply to Comments on Your Posts
Try to always reply to your audience’s comments. This is a form of appreciation for your audience and will make them to continue to interact with you because of your friendly attitude.

10. Focus on Adding Friends, Not Followers
When you start Instagram, don’t rush (even if it’s really tempting). Use your time patiently, research as much as possible. Find a group of people who share your interests. Try to support each other every time someone posts, comment and like their posts.

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