Mistakes on Social Media Have a Negative Impact on Business

Social media is an important tool that cannot be avoided in our daily lives. Because social media has a very important presence in various aspects of life ranging from entertainment or entertainment, social, political, cultural, to business. However, mistakes on social media will have a negative impact on business.

Especially in the business world

social media is currently very popular as a marketing tool. Because it is undeniable, social media has a very broad ability to be able to reach many people. In addition, through social media you can also develop your conventional business into the online realm. Hmm, very interesting isn’t it?

But you have to be careful in doing marketing activities through this social media. Because it is not uncommon for many mistakes to occur that can have a negative impact on your business as a whole. And in this article we will discuss this in depth. But before heading there, it would be more important if you first understand what social media is.

1 Social Media Is
1.1 Collaborative projects
1.2 Blogs and microblogs
1.3 Content
1.4 Social networking sites
1.5 Virtual game world
1.6 Virtual social world
2 Mistakes on Social Media that can have a bad impact on your business
2.1 1. Only Share Content About Products or Companies
2.2 2. Ignoring or Ignoring Customers
2.3 3. Rarely Update Content on Social Media
2.4 4. Do not approach followers or audience
2.5 5. Frequent typos and misspellings

Social Media Is


Social media or what is often misunderstood as social media is an online media, where users can very easily participate, communicate, share, and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and virtual worlds. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people around the world today.

Quoted from Wikipedia, Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and enable the creation and exchange of user-generated content .”

Social media itself has a Design Directors Managers Email Lists classification because social media technology takes various forms including magazines, internet forums,

weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, photos or images, videos, ratings and social bookmarking. classification scheme for all types of social media in their. Business Horizons article published in 2010. According to Kaplan and Haenlein,

there are six types of social media, namely:

Collaborative project

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

The website allows its users to be able to change, add, edit, or delete any type of content on the website in this classification. For example wikipedia.

Blogs and microblogs
In this type of social media, users will be freer to be able to express something on this blog such as venting, free writing, writing about hobbies or favorite activities to criticizing government policies. For example Twitter, Blogspot, WordPress.

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