Make Sure the Content You Provide is Interesting to Read

Make sure the content you create can attract the audience to read. Content in the form of text on Instagram will show the identity of a brand. Where not only let people know what you are selling, but also can entertain the audience and ask them to comment. Instagram provides a limit for each caption you want to make. But don’t worry, it’s more than big enough.

2. 200 Characters, including emojis and 30 Hashtags

Your content must be at least 200 characters long, including emojis and 30 hashtags. Even so, this does not mean that your caption can be in the form of an essay, right? Where almost all text is filled with hashtags. Of course this will really annoy your audience. The caption you make must really be able to make your followers interested in reading it. Also make sure it’s easy to understand, and that they know what your CTA means.

Here are 12 tips for compiling an interesting caption
1. Know first who your audience is
If you use Instagram for your online business, you should already know who your target market is. You also already know where they are, how old they are and what their preferences are. For example, when you sell hijab products, you will target women, aged 18 to 35 years Sales Directors Email Lists as your biggest target. Then the content that you will create on Instagram will also adapt to them. You will even make Instagram posts that can make them interested or need you always. Or even when you use excellent customer service techniques so that it will make them more loyal.

2. Identify your brand or brand

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Once you know who your customers are, you also need to know what you are selling. You have to master the brand or brand that you are going to sell, so that it will make it easier for you to create informative, interesting, and viral Instagram content/posts that can even sell. You will also adjust the brand content to who your customers are, so you will determine the appropriate language style. For example, you can add humor or stories from the emergence of the product in your caption.

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