Instagram Ads: Definition, How it Works, and Types

Instagram is a social media platform that is familiar to people around the world. Now it has reached more than 1 billion users. This data for online businesses is a big profitable opportunity to market their products/services to be able to reach more potential customers. Realizing that there are commercial opportunities that can be obtained,

IG then launched the latest feature, namely Instagram Ads in October 2013. Without taking a long time,

this feature was immediately used by business people as part of their social media marketing strategy. 4 years after Instagram Ads was released to the market,

in March 2017, IG now has more than 1 million active advertisers.

There are many reasons why Instagram

The first advantage is that the ads displayed on Instagram Ads do not seem aggressive like those displayed by other social media platforms. You’ll see the ad just like the usual photo or video posts you see on your friend’s account.
The second advantage can be adopting a targeting system similar to that applied by social media Facebook,

which allows users to get information about the target market as specific as possible which includes location, age, gender, hobbies, and so on.
The next advantage is that Instagram Ads provides several types of ad format variations from photos, videos, and also carousels.
The last advantage of Instagram Ads that has such a significant impact on promotion is the availability of .

features to increase Payroll Directors Email Lists engagement consisting of buttons such as follow. Visit websites, or download applications. Interesting right?

the advantages of instagram ads

Payroll Directors Email Lists

You must have heard the news that went viral in 2012 where Facebook managed to acquire IG. The acquisition resulted in all ad settings available on IG being integrated with ad settings on Facebook’s social media. From that moment on, you have to use the Power Editor feature on Facebook which functions to manage budgeting, scheduling, and other settings related to advertising on IG.

For those of you who may be new to Instagram Ads, it’s a good idea to first understand terms such as Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager so that you have no trouble promoting your products/services on IG:

1. Ads Manager
Ads Manager is an advertising application from Facebook that serves to create and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads simultaneously. This application has features that can create ads, run ads, perform targeting, determine ad budget/capital, show ad performance (performance ads) , and show summary/summary history, as well as information on advertising payment methods.

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