How to Increase Instagram Followers and Engagement

In fact, no matter how many Instagram tips references you read, if you don’t post quality visual content then none of those references will work. In today’s digital era, you only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention when they can easily scroll down their home feed on various social media platforms. So, posting quality content is your first step to surviving that fast current.

Then what is quality Instagram content like?, here are the characteristics:

  • High quality photos (you don’t need an expensive camera like a DSLR, even a cellphone camera is good enough but you can try to edit it with various good apps that are now widely available for free on your smartphone playstore).
  • Photos that can leave a pleasant impression because of the creative elements and are able to attract the user’s attention.
  • Photo captions that are fun, inspiring or that motivate the reader.
  • A unique video, it could be a funny one such as a video of a kitten or dog.
  • The whole photo is thematic, which represents your own lifestyle so that it is unique.

2. Use Hashtags Correctly

You need to notice that there are a large number of other people’s posts that share your hashtags. For example, most people use the hashtag #sepatumurah and you want to use a self-initiated hashtag, namely #sepatukece, don’t use the hashtag #sepatukece. Use what most people use.

This can be a channel where users other than your followers can find your account. Besides that, it can also be a way to build your community on Instagram and it can be a way for the Instagram algorithm to know what categories of visual content you upload, so that Instagram can show your posts to users with similar interests.

In addition, make sure that what you have posted with the hashtag is not misspelled and matches the uploaded content. Don’t let the hashtag be about shoes but you upload content that has Purchasing Directors Email Lists nothing to do with shoes. Use as many hashtags as possible (the limit on the number of Instagram is a maximum of 30 hashtags). Of course, the more hashtags you use, the greater your chances of being found by your audience.

3. Post When Followers are Crowded

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You also have to know when Instagram is visited by a lot of your followers or audience. When they’re on, that’s when you should post your content. Why? Because at that time, the potential for your account to engage with many interactions will be even greater.

But how to find out? Use various software or online tools that can be used to analyze your Instagram audience. Good software will tell you the following things!

  • When is your best time to post (day and time).
  • When is your best time to interact with followers.

Then, you use this important info to develop your engagement! Imagine, you want to make an important announcement to let everyone know and participate. Think of your content as such an important announcement.

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