Create a Bio That is Unique and Has Keywords or Keywords

You only have a word limit of 150 characters to tell about who you are in the Instagram bio column, but you have to be able to hone your creativity and get people interested in following you with just that short bio. This bio should not be taken lightly, because it is the first gateway for the audience to recognize and start deciding to follow you.


Don’t forget to add an emoji that can bring your bunch of bio texts to life. Make your bio as attractive as possible and at the same time contain keywords related to your overall post. For example, if you want to be a celebrity that focuses on culinary content, then add the word “food lover” which can explain who you are and what content you will post as a whole.

3. Manage your own hashtags

Using a hashtag is very important as a marketing method. Because by using hashtags, more people outside of your followers or followers will find posts from your Instagram account.

A well-known brand or campaign usually already has a unique hashtag, created by yourself. For example, Tokepdia with #TryDuluAja. Well, you can also grab people’s attention and collect them on Engineering Directors Email Lists your fanbase with one personal hashtag. Suppose you are a culinary celebrity named Andi, then you can use #makanterusandi. Then you include this hashtag in your bio and in each of your posts.

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4. Make a list of your idols and rivals as celebrities

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There are quite a few reasons why this should be done this. First, this is good so you can understand the profile of your idol or competitor. You can learn how they interact with their followers. You can not only imitate, but also develop it to add comments, likes and followers.

In addition, you can also comment diligently on their posts or tag them in your posts talking about how your idol inspires you. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response from them, don’t think too much about it but this is a good opportunity or opportunity that is worth trying. Who knows you will go viral because they respond and interact with you. Then you can also collaborate with them if you are lucky.

5. Create neat and eye-catching visuals
To do this, you can use the methods that have been done by many well-known celebrities, namely consistently applying certain filters to give it visual appeal and also as your own signature. Use instagram filter apps like VSCO, Snapseed, and so on.


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