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After making some notable changes this year. then again, Instagram attracts around 11.9 million unique visitors each Herzegovina Phone Number month in France. Has just launched some new features. in the event that, That will delight users and professionals alike. for the purpose of, New features dedicated to Herzegovina Phone Number advertisers and businesses. A new advertising format vertical advertising. Just like Snapchat with its 3v (vertical, video, view) format.

Instagram Now Allows Advertisers

It is now possible to convert your Instagram account into a professional account by going to the account options. This professional account will allow you to integrate the “Contact” call to action button on Herzegovina Phone Number your profile. Users will then have the choice between “Itinerary”, “Call” and “Email”, depending on what they have selected. Each account will be categorized, which will be displayed under the profile name, in the bio.

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The Publication Boost Thanks

you will be able to promote your publications by boosting their organic reach. As on Facebook, it is enough to Herzegovina Phone Number define. The audience and the duration of the promotional campaign. The arrival of shopping on Instagram 189697604 Selling your products on Instagram will soon be possible. You can highlight up to 5 products per photo. By clicking on one of them, we will access a more detailed product sheet with a description, photos, price, the store’s website, and also a “Buy now” link to  Herzegovina Phone Number to encourage users to complete the purchase on your website without leaving Instagram.

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