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And when Schiphol painted that famous mini fly in the urinals, the cleaning costs dropped enormously. Behavioral scientist Dr Eva van den Broek and I called our book on such phenomena ‘ The bluebottle effect’ (affiliate). You can distinguish 7 types. 1. The self-deception fly This is why blowfly effects work: people don’t know themselves nearly as well as they think.

The sting fly

That is why they often give wrong answers in market research. And they unconsciously contribute to all kinds of influencing behaviour. An example Ivory Coast Phone Number List of this are placebos. You know the medical form: no active ingredients, yet less pain. But the crossing button at the traffic light and the thermostat in the office building are also often placebos.

Do: focus less on

They do nothing, but make the wait shorter and the temperature feel better. And that progress bar while a site searches for your best offer? A placebo that will make those deals feel even better later on. Brain scans show: cheap wine really tastes better from the bottle of a beautiful chateau. A strong brand is also a placebo: you feel better in a Peugeot. Also read: Never again good:

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