You know the marshmallow test:

Whose DNA did you get, do you think? Precisely. Fast decision makers survived and passed on their genes to us. You can still see that in our response to risk and preference for certainty. People often say they want the very best product. But in reality, they mainly avoid the pain of a bad buy. So they follow quality marks, recommendations, guarantees.

The Time Fly

And they choose well-known brands, because they implicitly offer the guarantee that something will not disappoint. “People don’t want the tastiest hamburger, but the same hamburger as last time,” said a founder of McDonalds. Do: dare to be Jordan Phone Number List the safe choice, give explicit and implicit guarantees. Recognition in your expressions (Byron Sharp’s distinctive assets) also contributes to this.

Do: pack your social

Person in jeans holds McDonalds burger 4. The companion fly Man is a group animal through and through. The strongest blowfly effects therefore have to do with social factors. What others do, what is normal in our group, the fear of being left out. Cialdini described a number of them. Like authority, reciprocity, and of course the marketers favorite, social proof :

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