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It increases the engagement of residents, and therefore the Albania Phone Number List effectiveness of your content strategy. Start experimenting today with the insights from this article. Also read: Effective content for municipalities: 4 tips to reach residents with social media Three take-aways for a flying start Know the preferences of the group(s) of residents. For which you are Albania Phone Number Listwriting the social media message. Adjust the narrative method, narrative perspective and language use accordingly. Create two posts if preferences are incompatible. In your social media strategy. Give priority – across the board – to an entertaining way of storytelling that personally triggers the reader . This is often the most effective. But be careful! The highly educated and the elderly also greatly appreciate an informative way of telling.

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Entertaining By informative narrative Albania Phone Number List we mean the presentation of a substantive message in a factual, to the point way. Messages written in an entertaining way of storytelling trigger the reader personally and invite interaction (for example by asking a question). The substantive message is presented in an Albania Phone Number List entertaining way ( Liebrecht, 2018 ). The research shows that an entertaining style of storytelling generally evokes more engagement than an informative style of storytelling. If we look at the different types of residents, it is noticeable that Self-aware Approachers (pink) and Stubborn Digitals (purple) score high in comparison to the other profiles on the message that is written in an entertaining storytelling manner.

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A comparable result with the content-ingredient storytelling. An entertaining Albania Phone Number List  storytelling method worked especially well for Self-aware Approachers and Stubborn Digitals. In the same way, an informative way of telling was especially appropriate for Albania Phone Number List urban nomads. Caring seniors. Differentiation makes your content more effective The research results in this article illustrate the importance of thinking from the perspective of residents (and their preferences!) for municipalities when producing content on social media. Taking into account the differences that exist between types of inhabitants implies that you have to differentiate in the creation of content.

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