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A sector still firmly rooted in more traditional marketing habits. Charities are beginning to take a digital foothold. With more Belize Phone Number List and more associations of. All sizes using the internet for their fundraising campaigns. The online donation rate is on the rise (+9% in 2015). An increase is reflected in a growing number of new donors. But also in a digital transition adopted by existing benefactors. The internet has Belize Phone Number List recently become. The favored medium for seeking new donors. So many levers are there: social networks. Emailing, google ads, or even directly on the website.

 Annual Donations Among Associations

Investing in a quality web device not. Only makes it possible to increase your donor base . But also to combine Belize Phone Number Listcommitment and loyalty tools with analysis devices. To better understand the behavior of Belize Phone Number List these donors. More and more many as the end of the year approaches. What is the profile of these e-donors? Each year, online donation progresses and in 2016 it reached 26% in France – that is a  quarter of donors. But is there a typical profile among these benefactors? While the average age of traditional donations to associations is around 55, that of

Belize Phone Number List

 Balance Out Between Generations.


Among its 26% of e-donors, 9% of them give regularly, while the remaining 17% opt for a more punctual donation. How to Belize Phone Number List explain this trend? By rejuvenating the population of online contributors: the youngest – students or at the start of their careers – can often only afford to give occasionally. The under 35s are gaining ground Source: EDON Barometer 2016 Source: EDON Barometer 2016 For the first time, online donors under the age of 35 are overtaking those between the ages of 35 and 49. However, we observe a much higher rate among those over 65, an age who is not used Belize Phone Number List  to digital methods but who seems to be opting more and more for donations on the Internet. Increasingly large donations Since 2014, the average online donation has earned €10, to reach €160 today . A total amount which Belize Phone Number List represents

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