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A tip that Lara Sweet , Chief People Officer at Snap Inc. here in another session is that not every meeting has to be about work. Laugh together, have fun and boost your joint energy level. It is enormously reassuring for employees to see that their supervisor encounters the same things as them. So dare to be vulnerable and share your personal challenges of working from home and any concerns you have about your (mental) health and that of your loved ones.

talk talk talk

Be real Being real is different from being human. Be realistic and honest and dare to face reality – even if it may not always be easy. With that in mind, be realistic in the expectations you have of yourself and your team. The world has changed because Jordan WhatsApp Number List of the corona pandemic . Can you still expect the same things? Also share all the information that you have as a manager from a higher hand to remove as much uncertainty as possible. Constantly ask yourself if you could be even more transparent.

Not ‘How are you?

4. Be obsessed with your people People who enjoy their work see it as their lifeline. It gives them the opportunity to contribute and be goal-oriented. People who don’t enjoy their work will leave sooner or later (whether or not after they’ve ruined the team spirit). How do you activate your team’s strengths? What do they need from you to put their best foot forward?

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