You are doing great

A solution often stands or falls with. How it is used within the organization. Question to the reader: do you actually know how to securely share a file with colleagues? If the answer is no, you are probably not alone in your organization and awareness training might be a good idea. The top price and its employees may not be. Satisfied with the use at all. Research cloud vendors, secure communications tools.

There’s no trick, it’s about keeping

And VPN providers as we catch our breath from the switch to new vendors. Check carefully whether these really meet the standards for your organization. Man has online meeting from home. Cybersecurity risk 4: phishing by cybercriminals Already at the start of the corona outbreak in Europe, cyber criminals saw their chance to abuse the situation. With Nigeria WhatsApp Number List the passage of time, this has only increased. Criminals seem to play on panic. Google blocks 100 million phishing emails every day.

You are doing great
You are doing great

HR expert Jan Tjerk Boonstra

This number is only expected to increase. this year and the initial numbers are alarming. Advice: if in doubt, consult the internal security experts. Buy email list from latest mailing database. Working from home naturally forces us to use our own, perhaps insecure, internet routers. The same router with which your nine-year-old son plays Call of Duty.

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