Worldwide and provides 10% of jobs.

Climbing Machu Picchu , walking around the Galapagos Islands , sailing near Antarctica or walking through the Amazon area , can now all be done from home with a Google Cardboard. One step further? Remote tourism: Tourism is not the same anymore Yes, we will travel again, but it will never be the same. Safety is paramount during the entire customer journey, from booking to travel and vacation.

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The digital transformation has arrived at an even faster speed. It will now be even clearer to separate the wheat from the chaff within the sector. Over 1,500 epidemics have been tracked by the WHO in the Physical Therapist Email List last 10 years, so unfortunately we’re just waiting for the next one to get out of hand. The strength of a company therefore, as Darwin so eloquently puts it, does not lie in the strength of the company, but in the ability to quickly adapt to the new situation.


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One of the biggest changes due to corona is that personal contact in the B2B sales process has become almost impossible. And that personal contact is just so very important! Currently, marketers are replacing many of these touchpoints with online variants, one of which is the webinar. This is an excellent means of generating and qualifying leads. What is a good lead?

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