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The next question is: what can I do, see and experience here? This is Algeria Phone Number List often so much that people with a cognitive or visual impairment in particular find it difficult to process this information. It is therefore important to make the information clear. Concrete tips Algeria Phone Number List Use clear categories or a recognizable format (name or color). Provide a clear menu and heading structure. Provide filters to bring focus to a selection screen or list. Make a clear distinction between what can be seen or experienced now and what has been or is yet to come. The information need At the location itself, there are various places, attractions, rooms or paths whose accessibility can be specified more specifically.

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Consider, for example, a roller coaster: it often states from what Algeria Phone Number List length you can go on it, whether there are scares and whether it is wheelchair-friendly. Information that is important for people with ADHD, for example, is: how are you stuck? How fast Algeria Phone Number List is it (how much G-force)? Are there bright flashes of light? Sometimes this information can be seen in a video or photos, but it is better to state this specifically at the attraction itself. roller coaster Remember that people with disabilities also often have less energy. So the more they can plan their day or night out in advance, the better.

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It is nice to determine in advance what is and is not Algeria Phone Number List worth it. For example, someone knows which part of the park he or she should skip. Concrete tips: Offer a clear map of the location, room or house. Provide practical photos (without people) that show what something looks like. Mention which times, days or periods are quieter. Are there workshops or performances Algeria Phone Number List at your location? State the maximum number of people. Naduah is 23 years old and dependent on a wheelchair: “I always have to call to reserve a place. And that while the wheelchair spaces are often permanent places. If you can book online, it is doubtful whether my husband (without a wheelchair) has a place next to me because you have to buy tickets separately, so I have to call again.

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