With the pitch coach of the Netherlands:

Perfect pitch that will leave your audience hanging on your every word . And go home with a toolbox full of tools and ideas to captivate and convince. Over Esmeralda dr. Esmeralda Kleinreesink of De Pitchcoach is the expert in the field of pitching in the Netherlands. She gives professionals practical and science-based tools to passionately bring their message across the (digital) stage. And for this she uses, among other things, her own pitch technique Lijfleren™.

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The field of storytelling and author of the book ‘Officer in Afghanistan’. Thanks to her stage, writing and scientific experience, she knows exactly what it takes to really convince. Themes Engineering Directors Email Lists will be discussed: Agreements The differences and similarities between online and physical presentations Writing a perfect pitch The four elements of a perfect pitch.

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The right preparation From deregistration or not to proven techniques to radiate tranquility. Presenting at a high level Show, don’t tell. About voice use and body language. Live speech-analyse Together, second-by-second, we go through a familiar, short pitch. Extensive Q&A Ask the expert Curious? Esmeralda gives a tip of the veil The countdown has begun: are you there too? 00 TO DAWN 00 O’CLOCK 00 MINUTES 00 SECONDS book now 8.3 avg.

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