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my first printable That night, I started Malta Phone Number designing a home organization and cleaning plan for the blog’s readers. Many moms on my email list are interested in these topics, so I thought it was a great product idea. I’m not sure what cart to use to sell it after I’ve finished printing it. There are so many options! Where should I sell my prints? In the past, I’ve used Etsy to sell custom coloring pages for weddings, and I’ve had a terrible experience. One of Malta Phone Number my competitors gave me a 1-star review and it affects my entire business. She commented that my coloring pages arrived crumpled and poorly drawn.

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After that, no one would buy coloring Malta Phone Number pages anymore, so I had to close the door. It’s impossible for me to open another Etsy store. I looked into Send Owl, ThriveCart, Pay Hip, etc. None of them have a storefront like I would like my new print store to be. Before I started Malta Phone Number blogging, I used Shopify to shop for women’s handbags. However, I don’t know how to sell digital products on Shopify, even if it is possible. Here is my 2020 annual online earnings report. In addition to including my blog and business reviews, I also share personal updates.

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I’ve worked beyond my plans, made Malta Phone Number smart business decisions, and never felt confident in the direction of my business. While it’s been quite a year for so many of us, my business continues to grow and is having the best year yet. It’s so hard to see so many people struggling. As Malta Phone Number someone who was fired during a recession a decade ago, I totally get it. It’s been difficult to write my annual income report this year because of what’s going on, but I also have some important records as part of my journey.

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