With performance -based branding,

This means there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the coming year. If everyone within a company works on improvement and growth with the right mindset, something beautiful can arise. Something elusive. Something that can not only lead to a lot of success, but is also a lot of fun.

Audience targeting is over,

A culture in which people are trusted is essential. People want to gain and feel the trust. And they deserve that too. Finally, I wish you all – also on behalf of my colleagues at Yonego – a happy and ROI driven 2022! Become a winner online too Sweden B2B List Have you been inspired to take the next step in your marketing career after reading this article?

focus on segments and intent

Good news! Frankwatching offers a unique NIMA training package. Obtain both diplomas (NIMA A & B) combined: that is faster and cheaper! Develop the right knowledge and competencies to apply digital marketing on a strategic and operational level. Knowing more? And do you want to increase your opportunities in the field of marketing management?

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