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Make the text in such a way that even without reading the subheadings, the reader does not miss any information. Never put important information Ukraine Phone Number only in the subheading, but always in the text itself. Never refer to the subheading in your text, as it is not part of the paragraph. Only use an initial capital; so don’t type the entire headline in capital letters. Do not put a period or colon after a subheading; a question mark or exclamation mark is possible. Include one or more words from your text in your subheading. Use more white.

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space above the subheading than below: this way you can clearly see that the subheading belongs to the paragraph below. If applicable, use the corporate identity of the company or organization when designing your subheading. A good subheading for an informative text for a wide audience If you are writing an informative text, such as a package leaflet, but also a brochure or web text for a wide audience.

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Following is also important in addition to the row above: Be clear and unambiguous. The more specific, the better. So not: ‘the different aspects of the item’, but rather: ‘the characteristics of German frikadeller. Write from the reader; give the reader answers to his questions. So not: ‘advantage’, but better: ‘free parking for tree surgeons’. Let the subheading briefly describe what the reader can read below. So not: ‘additional measure

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