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So it pays to specialize.’ In short: it is up to the PR professional to prevent that he or she becomes redundant. Use your talent, your own creativity and originality. No Armenia Phone Number List robot will take your place. On the contrary: there will always be robots who will gratefully use your talent to help your stories get further out into the world. Sounds like a perfect collaboration. Mistakes Will Last Longer in professional life often end up in the media. Such publications can lead to annoying search results in Google after a search on your name.

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These publications are then visible forever, or at least for a longer Armenia Phone Number List period of time. Bad for your reputation. What can you do then? Even when it comes to mistakes that have taken quite some time. And the suspect has already been acquitted or cases for which people Armenia Phone Number List have already been punished. Reputation protection for professional mistakes For example. A 66-year-old man, formerly employed as an entrepreneur. Acquaintances as a result of various publications. This while this entrepreneur was no longer even employed. The General Data Protection Regulation may provide protection.

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This can save your (online) reputation. Reporting about professional Armenia Phone Number List missteps is commonplace.  For example by (news) media or bloggers. When (potential) customers search for your name on the internet. These messages are often displayed prominently. This can be extremely damaging to your image or that of your company. In some cases, action can be taken against this on the basis of the GDPR . The GDPR The GDPR concerns the protection of natural persons when processing their personal data.

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