Why Traackr is the Leader in Influencer

The IMB offers brands a way to evaluate influencer marketing from a new perspective. Not only can you see your performance among the influencers you know, but you can also see your performance in the entire influencer marketplace. You can compare your brand to competitors, markets, and time. Best of all, you can make decisions based on hard data. With the introduction of IMB and Traackr’s IRM, we now offer a complete solution for influencer marketing.

Introducing Brand Vitality Score

In IMB, you can measure your brand’s performance. While IRM provides the tools you need to run ongoing influencer campaigns and programs. Together, the two enable the virtuous cycle of data-driven influencer marketing: measure your performance; act on insights. Brand Vitality Score (VIT) measures the visibility, reach and trust of influencer content that mentions your brand. What makes VIT so exciting is that it enables transparency and provides simplicity. Argentina Phone Number List

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Marketing Measurement

The appeal of a single metric is that it provides the industry with an easy way to measure results and compare with competitors. The challenge with this approach is that it masks the complexities of marketing and communications and hinders sound data-driven decision-making. this is a problem. Today we have a solution. Each is measured individually and combined to generate a single score. However, you can access each component. By demonstrating the leverage of impact scores, marketers and communicators can gain the insights they need to improve what matters most to them.

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