Who Represents Your Company

In response, James posted an 8-minute apology video without makeup that garnered more than 40 million views in just a few days. He later released a series of other videos framing Tati as a liar and settling the charges against him; but the effects were minimal compared to the initial blast. Six months later, he was back at his previous follower count. All feud-related videos have been removed – but the cultural impact of this beautiful war is still there! Regardless, it’s crucial to vet your influencers before committing to working with them. Using the value matching tool in these cases helps to classify certain words and phrases to label. This can be as innocuous as promoting a competitor or as serious as using offensive language. Censoring an influencer takes seconds and can prevent a major PR disaster.

Brand Cooperation Erupts

We started 2019 with the recognition of breaking the internet. Kendall Jenner is the new face of Proactiv, and people have a lot to say about it—that is, they won’t believe for a second that Kendall Jenner actually uses their skincare. Despite the controversy, Proactiv claims a 30% increase in Georgia Phone Number direct subscriptions and, unlike the Pepsi scandal in 2018, has no intention of ending the partnership. They say “any Georgia Phone Number media is good media” and in that case I think Proactiv would agree.

Georgia Phone Number

For Many Brands

In late 2018, beloved YouTuber Olivia Jade announced that she had teamed up with Sephora Collection to create a highlight palette. The collaboration was a success, resulting in a sellout and eventual restocking. Within days, Sephora and Unilever dropped her as a partner, and she hasn’t advertised any products since. In some cases, it’s impossible to foresee when an influencer on your roster might become a burden. Unless you have connections in the FBI, you’re unlikely to know that Olivia Jade will find herself at the center of a nationwide scandal. In this case, it is important to end the partnership as soon as possible. Otherwise, your brand risks being boycotted.



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