Who is the webinar intended for?

Giving children what they are entitled to. That is UNICEF’s mission. But with so many interests, campaigns and content, it’s easy to lose control. During this webinar, the world’s largest children’s rights organization shares. More about its objectives, target groups and work processes. How does UNICEF’s content team manage its content? His goal is to communicate with results. His specialty? Strategy and long term branding. Luuk Post – Luuk Post is a partner at the Contentkalender.

A roadmap for digital accessibility

And how does the use of the Content Calendar ensure more effective planning and more peace of mind and overview? Who is the webinar intended for? For every communication professional VP Facility Manager Email Lists who is looking for a clear way of planning. And/or who wants to know how a large non-profit organization such as UNICEF does this. About the speakers Walther Hesselink – Walther Hesselink is content team manager at UNICEF Netherlands.

paste and redecorate!

He helps communication departments to become the best version of themselves. Presenter is the content organization. Day in day out, Presenter’s specialists help various organizations to create and organize content that works. And they are happy to share all that content knowledge with you. That is why Presenter has recorded a number of fun and educational webinars together with Frankwatching.

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