Who does what?

The person who operates the site (makes money from it) has the choice of where to put his files, who registers his domain name, in whose name that domain name is. The operator is the actual administrator of the website, even though he may hire an external web designer/web developer who will post or remove something at his request. In principle, all those mentioned except the manager/operator need not have anything to do with each other. What can/should the registrar do in the event of an infringement?

The fact that you have apparently

Anyway, the photographer took Hostnet to court. You have to address someone, don’t you? And then it’s nice to see how the judge handles something like that. An ‘anonymising’ registrar is not automatically liable just because he Cambodia Phone Number List is formally the domain name holder. That registrar can only do a few things. He can pass the complaint on to the customer (done). He can pass on the name/address/place of residence (‘NAW’) of the customer to the photographer (done after subpoena).

However, the photographer

Third and final option: disconnect the domain name from the website. Disconnection was not requested, but was also not possible because the customer had quickly moved to a competitor of Hostnet – in India. Which of the three options Hostnet should have used was no longer relevant according to the judge. After all, the photographer had demanded that the video be removed. And Hostnet couldn’t do that. Hostnet had passed on the complaint and the name and address, and disconnecting is no longer possible if the customer is elsewhere.

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