Which guests really make you happy?

You then see other content spread on the internet for a certain time until you eventually buy it. The costs for such an online campaign are quite. Low and the number of reservations or orders you bring in is very high. You aim for conversion and use a clear call to action. 4. Online ordering is and remains an extra income stream The – somewhat forced – trend called take-away and delivery is not going.

But how do you start with this?

Anywhere for the time being and will still serve as an extra source of income. When you open the doors of your restaurant or hotel again. Because less staff also means greater margins on your dishes. The meal boxes with dishes that still have to be finished Chief and VP of Training Email Lists at home are especially popular. And that also applies to restaurants in the higher segment. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to be creative and to distinguish yourself, because consumers are making increasingly higher demands with regard to variety, quality and convenience.

Insightful data is the key to a full case

More will therefore have to be invested in online options and digital solutions, of course you want people to order from you. And if possible, also via your own website and not via delivery services. Stimulate them through your own marketing channels and use influencers and online marketing tools, for example. Make it attractive to order from you In addition, you can of course also make it attractive for your customers to order from you. Give them something extra or work with a loyalty system.

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