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Due to the effects of corona, but also an increasingly strong sustainability agenda. Sixty large employers in the Netherlands, together with 500,000 employees, published a pamphlet ‘ responsible flight policy ‘, to significantly reduce flying after corona. This is not only happening in the Netherlands: two thirds of multinational organizations are working to significantly reduce the number of flights. Between our own offices, to conferences and customers.

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Corona also has an insane impact on the number of business events and conferences that organizations still book at all. Video conferencing has quickly become the norm (Zoom was already worth more than the Pharmaceutical Email List seven largest airlines combined). In a very short period of time, they have not only ensured a strong increase in working from home and online events, but also more reflection on what impact all that traveling has on our own budgets and our world.


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New Destination Marketing Models In the last century we booked a holiday through the tourist office. Nowadays this is done digitally in 60% of the cases and 40% with the mobile phone. The selection process in the run-up to the booking is nowadays. Largely dominated by ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from friends and family. Followed by reviews on booking websites such as Booking. Tripadvisor and Google. Also arriving at destination, most of the search traffic goes through a handful of technology platforms.

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