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These are 7 video trends for 2022! tiktok Social media The social media trends for 2022: voice, metaverse & TikTok the new scapegoat “It can already be seen that 2022 will again be largely dominated by the privacy and security discussion,” writes Sjef Kerkhofs. “There’s no turning back. Marketers have to accept that the world of advertising has simply changed radically.

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In his article, he takes a closer look at the trends for social media. For example, targeting goes back to basics, creators make the call and the metaverse Grenada B2B List plays a greater role. People with Virtual Reality glasses in social media trends 2022 Instagramtrends in 2022: video, shopping & de metaverse Never before have so many features been added and parts changed as in Instagram last year.

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Think, for example, of Shopping and Reels (Instagram is. going to pay more and more attention to video anyway).  And what can you expect in 2022? Kirsten Jassies looks ahead at the Instagram trends. Instagram account on smartphone Customer What does the customer want in 2022? [9 trends] Natanja de Bruin and Nicky Verver share 9 service trends to keep an eye on in 2022. A tip?

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