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Diversity conversations are a hot topic in every industry. As more and more people become educated. We can clearly connect systems where racism works in insidious ways, maintaining privilege and disenfranchising. It’s not satisfying enough that we have a black president in America. Ecuador Phone Number When industrial prisons disproportionately hold staggering proportions of the black population behind bars. In theory, however, minorities have more opportunities for upward mobility than ever before.

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Nothing stirs a public storm like a sales pitch to consumers by someone with ulterior motives. Of course, we are all in the business of selling, and while capitalism is king. Savvy consumers simply aren’t Ecuador Phone Number content to see black girls, Asian girls, and redheads erected in store windows, or if every employee in the store is a White people, then show in Times Square. Consumers want to know what an executive looks like.  They are more than convenient and potentially lucrative market share.

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Just last week, I came across two different scenarios that show the mistakes companies can make when they clearly don’t empower people of color within their organizations to have their say and stop the madness from happening. Whenever we encounter a situation of racial insensitivity, Ecuador Phone Number there is an outcry, “How did this happen? Why is no one stopping it?” The answer is simple. Nobody stopped it. These questions did not cause panic to the groups of white eyes censoring the images and activities. In some cases, they might actually congratulate themselves on a job well done.


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