When the Association for Foreigners’ Traffic

Google’s ‘local search’ now predominates there. 75% of the searches actually result in a visit and 28% in a purchase. It has therefore become a pure necessity for tourist companies to rank as optimally as possible in Google. And although this can often be arranged for free. Many entrepreneurs in the sector do not yet have it in order. With both the strongly increased use of social media channels.

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Mobile phones and the finding of certain trust factors by consumers in the search process, the digital presence becomes even more urgent for tourism entrepreneurs. Contactless technology With all the experiences Pharmacy Database of corona around removing contact moments and points, there will also be a strong focus on contactless technology.

More than 100 years later

This ranges from biometric passports during the trip, to all kinds of apps that can take care of check-in and payment throughout the process. You already see this a lot in hotels, where check-in can be done completely yourself on an iPad. Still want to stay at home and travel the world? Virtual tourism is also growing in popularity at the moment and provides a lot of cool side-effects.

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