What typefaces do the most famous logos use?

It is a question that, probably, you have asked yourself many times and in. The project of this italian is the answer. In any design project, the choice of typography is a matter of extreme importance, even more so when we refer to a logo in which the font has great prominence. The italian designer emanuele abrate , like so many other designers do every day, asked himself countless times what the fonts used in some of the most famous logos were, in those that we see every day and, after an arduous investigation, he decided to give shape to logofonts, a projector that shows us these logos in which the names of the products have been changed by the names of the fonts used to design them.


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What typefaces do the most famous logos use 1 brands background remove service and logos that accompany us daily such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, adidas, netflix or instagram are the main protagonists of logofonts , a project in which emanuele abrate reveals to us that the classic nike logo, for example, was created with a typeface no less classical futura. And that adobe uses myriad, the sans serif typeface designed by robert slimbach and carol twombly for the company, which. Also became apple’s corporate font in the early 21st century. What typefaces do the most famous logos use 17 the. Logofont also highlights the way in which its creator integrates the names of the fonts in the logos and how these, despite not containing. The name of the product they represent, are 100 recognizable.

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Visual Puns in Logo Design.

This example illustrates well the various ways CMB Directory of perceiving colors in this case, red, and the wide range of emotions they can arouse, depending on our personality, our culture, our tastes and our personal experiences. Indeed, scientists and marketers from guilford and smith, 1959, to plater, 1967 and later, have studied. The influence of colors on consumer behavior for years. They put a lot of effort into trying to define how colors are perceived. By different groups, based on age, gender, and other demographics. A few days ago we published an article about the color yellow and what it reveals in a company. Color games this article is dedicated to the psychological influence and the symbolism. Of the color red, within the framework of the construction of a brand identity.

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