What trends in e-commerce should

From 1950s fonts to math diamonds, Désirée Battjes and Roel van der Geest (Est Digital) show which trends will influence what we see online. Get inspired! Header to article about design trends. E-commerce: 6 trends for 2022 that make the difference What trends in e-commerce should you keep in mind? Chantal Schinkels will update you. She goes deeper into the developments surrounding social commerce.

Online marketing

Social media are increasingly becoming e-commerce environments. She also takes you through the importance of an efficient technology stack and why you should have Belize B2B List a focus on personnel. ecommerce trends Online marketing Online marketing: a look back & the trends for 2022 What are the main online marketing trends in 2022? And where are the greatest opportunities?

Browsers limit the use of cookies

Joris Toonders (Yonego) will keep you up to date with this longread. A good starting point to dive deeper into the trends. Online marketingtrends 2022. Analytics in 2022: 4 developments & 4 trends with consequences for your organization Browsers limit the use of cookies or will do so in the short term, the use of adblockers is increasing, society is increasingly aware of online privacy…

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