What should those companies do?

In order to cope with this problem, we are currently seeing a shift towards ‘first party data’ . In other words, companies are increasingly collecting data from visitors to their websites and apps. This approach allows them to directly reap the benefits of user data. For example with a targeted offer, recommendations or personalizations.

Companies using targeted ads

Of course, permission (consent) from the visitor is also required for the collection and use of first party data. Digital evolution: the importance of data The shift to first party data is actually a logical step in the evolution of the digital landscape. In addition Panama Phone Number List to a functional, safe, attractive and user-friendly site, transparency in the use of data and respect for privacy have also become important today .

Targeted ads are helpful

In recent years, we have all become more aware of the data traces we leave on social media, in apps, search engines, websites, e-commerce platforms… The GDPR legislation has further fueled this awareness. Meanwhile, we have all become more sensitive to our online privacy. On the other hand, data can also provide a better user experience.

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