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What is the future of networking? Where is the marketing model going? And what is LinkedIn’s role for marketers? Marcel Molenaar, Country Manager & Director Marketing Solutions Benelux shares his insights in this HelloMasters Podcast (part 2). How does LinkedIn view the marketing world and the marketing model? Marketing is not easy. It changes quickly, just like the customer’s wishes.

Who is Marcel Molenaar?

Building your team in-house is expensive and not always flexible enough. Marketing talent is increasingly working freelance and changing jobs more often. In short, the post-pandemic marketing model is under pressure. High time for an open Belarus WhatsApp Number List conversation with Marcel Molenaar, the LinkedIn boss in the Netherlands! In part 1 of this HelloMasters Podcast , Marcel talks about his role and the LinkedIn organization, gives optimization tips, and discusses what LinkedIn means for B2B companies.

the marketing model?

We also talk about network etiquette: do you accept connection requests from strangers or not? In this HelloMasters Podcast (part 2): the future of marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams and freelancers Marcel’s vision on successful B2B marketing teams the role of social networks in the new world of hybrid working Who is Marcel Molenaar?

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