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Increasingly difficult to get a clear picture of the exact data of a customer or prospect. Think of subscribing or unsubscribing for a newsletter in one system. It is then difficult to comply with. the AVG legislation in a correct way. Operational challenges : as a marketer you communicate with your target group in an increasingly targeted manner.

B2B marketers will be around

To achieve a good segmentation, it is essential to have your data in order. With your automation, are your segments and therefore your e-mails still correct? At the moment, a number Netherlands Phone Number List of B2B organizations are already busy recording and organizing their data infrastructure in a well-considered way. In 2022, many more organizations will realize that and ensure better data integrity.

Many changes are coming

Revenue marketing is increasingly becoming the norm In. The introduction it was already clear that more. 64% of B2B marketers expect. Their budget to increase in the near future: Screenshot at article about B2B marketers. Bron: B2B Benchmark 2021. With the increase in marketing budgets, more and more attention is. being paid to the contribution of marketing to turnover.

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