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Example good email Bram’s e-mails prove that a newsletter text does not necessarily have to be compact. Storytelling for businesses is the future , really. 3. HelloFresh’s commercial newsletters I admire the marketing people at HelloFresh . Their newsletters are indeed suuuuuper commercial, but this does not disturb for a moment. Their choice of words and images is perfect for a commercial newsletter: all the clever sales tricks are incorporated and yet the mailings feel friendly and even helpful. HelloFresh perfectly conveys.

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The feeling that they are a good friend who wants to help you. Any objection you may have to buying a HelloFresh box is dispelled in just a few short, powerful Ghana Phone Number List sentences. Just see it with your own eyes. ⋅ Subject line of the email below: 2x 50% discount – what do you say? Example commercial newsletter It is also smart to integrate the ‘Need help?’ bar. I know from experience that it is not always obvious how ordering from HelloFresh works (which in turn is a criticism of the UX of their website).

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By moving the help center forward in the newsletter, people who had dropped out might still buy. Do you want to give your newsletters a commercial approach? Then try to write it based on the needs of your target group. Eliminate objections and emphasize the benefits. Write in a sympathetic way. You don’t want to come across as a slick, pushy car salesman. 4. The eye-catching newsletters from the Rijksmuseum.

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