What does a first party data strategy look like?

They are no longer allowed on browsers such as Safari and Firefox. Apple has even made privacy its unique selling point , battling data-hungry companies like Facebook and Google to protect the privacy of its own users. That said, Apple can only do that because it makes a profit from selling products, not data. In addition, the GDPR requires users to consent to third-party cookies, and that number is steadily decreasing.

Build a first party data strategy

There is a clear anti-cookie trend , both among users and companies. Is the remedy as bad as the disease? Not to miss the boat, Google has now promised to no longer track individual behavior with third party cookies. The giant has come Nepal Phone Number List up with an alternative diptych method, promising to focus more on protecting the privacy of its users. Privacy sandbox Google will introduce a so-called ‘privacy sandbox’ as an alternative to cookies.

 Ignore the shift and stick

That means it will no longer use cookies, but will use the Google Chrome browser to track your online behavior. That offers a little more security, but Google will still collect data locally via your browser. Federated learning cohorts (FLoC) Instead of tracking individual. Behavior, the data Google Chrome collects is converted into cohorts. Or categories of users (in our example, anyone interested in buying sunglasses).

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