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On ‘whois’/’who’s who’ websites’ ( example of such a ‘who’s who website’ here ). You can see whose name and address a domain name is registered on (the domain name holder/’domain name owner’). You can also see who has registered that domain name on behalf of that domain name holder, the so-called registrar. What is a registrar? A registrar is a company that deals with domain name registrations for others.

Which of the three options Hostnet

But with that whois information you are often not there yet. At the request of their customer, some registrars put the domain name in the name of the registrar, instead of in the name of the customer. After all, some website operators do not want Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List their address to be visible to everyone, others want to remain completely anonymous. Who the ‘real’ domain name holder is, is no longer visible if the registrar puts the domain name in his own name. What can you do as a rightholder and what can/should you do as a registrar?

Third and final option:

No, a registrar cannot change a website Earlier this year, such a matter was discussed at the Amsterdam court. Someone had posted a movie and stills of Grapperhaus’s wedding on the commonsensetv.nl site, without asking the photographer/filmmaker anything. It was a clear case of copyright infringement. Removing the film and compensation, that’s what the photographer wanted.

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