What are local campaigns?

Such as a ‘Nearby’ filter to see which products are available locally, ‘Local Stores Card’ with local stock information and other relevant information about the respective store. A week later , the ‘Pick up later’ functionality was added. To the local local inventory ads. This gives you the opportunity to promote products that.

The global impact of COVID-19

All in all, a few nice additions that make local stock even more visible in the search results and convince people to come to the physical store. Smart bidding for retail sales ‘Smart bidding for store Mexico WhatsApp Number List visits’ has been around since September last year. It optimizes bids for physical store visits. Your campaigns can react instantly to changes in consumer behavior and fluctuations in store visits, adjusting your bids for each ad auction.

What are local campaigns?
What are local campaigns?

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This form of smart bidding mainly focuses on large retailers and large restaurant chains. Google is now extending this functionality with store sales metrics to optimize not only for visitors, but also for sales. This option will likely only be available to large retailers with multiple locations and sufficient volume. But for them, this is certainly an interesting option to generate additional sales in your stores.

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