Web Stories and SEO

Do you also want to get started with this? I’d be happy to help you with this.🙂 Writing for SEO [training] Do you want to improve visibility in Google? Follow the Writing for SEO training for more tools and, among other things, get started with smart copywriting techniques to attract and influence website visitors. Would you like to know more about the Writing for SEO training? Red Bull is not only associated with the drink, but especially with the series of bizarre events they host or sponsor.

More haste less speed

Think of events such as Red Bull Cliff Diving, Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull Crashed Ice. This marketing strategy around events gives the company a lot of fame worldwide. This has made it one of the most valuable and best-known brands. In this blog I share three reasons why Brazil Business Fax List every organization should organize an event. Organizing events only seems to be reserved for larger companies. But the rapid transformation to online events has recently brought insanely many opportunities for every organization.

Thought leader of the tribe you lead

Recent research showed that 85% of marketing executives view events as critical to business success. Corona or not, marketing managers still spend an average of 20% of their budget on events. Of the estimated 20,000 events that normally take place in the Netherlands, 80% are B2B and B2E. Only 20% is B2C. Due to all the uncertainties, ‘online’ is currently the norm and for many organizations has now also become the standard, I see at many events in which I am allowed to participate.

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