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The catering industry is therefore increasingly taking on a ‘neighbourhood function’ where birthdays are celebrated, the laptop is opened or after a long time it is time to catch up. Good storytelling plays a crucial role in this, because that is how you distinguish yourself. Take your guests into what you do, explain your choices and make it personal – online and offline.

Finally, a reminder for the short term:

Introduce your staff or tell them where the sustainable coffee cups come from. People like to identify with like-minded people, a certain VP IT Email Lists atmosphere or lifestyle. Experiment with newsletters Do not underestimate the power of strong newsletters . This is still one of the most successful ways of direct marketing. A good newsletter revolves around a combination of interesting content, a clear call-to-action and the right timing.

Get ready!

For example, special arrangements or temporary promotions always work very well, because consumers like to respond quickly. You can use different forms in terms of content. From recipes to Q&As with entrepreneurs and tutorials. Personality, for example, generates recognition and being informative and creative is often inspiring. It is good to play with and experiment with it.

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