We recently started the Wave campaign

You can then put that money into your account. This way the knife cuts on many sides. People who open an account have a chance to win a free bottle. Of course that generates Dopper turnover. But the most important thing, according to founder Everaarts, is that they generate publicity. Attention to the plastic litter problem. The money that is earned with this serves to realize that goal: PET bottles out of the world. Acceptance first in the elderly I spoke to Merijn at the conference of the Advertisers’ Union .

Olympic purpose

There he told what has been achieved in the past decade. The most important thing is awareness. Initially, the message was mainly heard by the elderly, according to the biennial brand survey. Only later did the youngsters join in. “It is especially important to us that people South Korea WhatsApp Number List understand the mission and purpose. It is not necessarily the intention that everyone buys a series of trendy bottles in all colors of the rainbow. Then we miss our target,” explains Merijn. “That’s why we train store staff.

Corporate responsibility

From the Bijenkorf to gift shop chain TRUE. We would rather they be able to explain what Dopper’s mission is than sell people an extra bottle.” Also read: 5 power brands + tips to be meaningful too Dopper now works with 50 people from the office in Haarlem. They are all proud of what has been achieved. The purpose that was started with is unaffected. Dopper achieves the most in the Netherlands and Belgium. But there is also movement in Germany, just like in the United States.

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