We are moving towards a situation

One of these solutions is Tracedock, and I can certainly recommend that you look into it. My most important tip here is to compare the data between Google Analytics and your own source (such as e-commerce data from the CMS). The bigger the difference, the more important this solution will be for your organization. The dot on the horizon In summary, it can be said that a lot is going to change in the field of targeting and attribution, and that we as marketers have to take steps to preserve our data.

That’s it!

With the help of the steps above, you can gain insight into the impact for your organization and take the first steps towards a first-party data strategy. This requires a different approach, but if you understand it well, the future will only get better. The dot on the horizon will be that every organization has its own database Bahamas Phone Number List with its own data to analyze and activate. Because we will no longer be dependent on unstable and insecure third-party cookies, we will take steps to collect our own data. Together with partners and other solutions , we are moving towards a cookie-free future , and you are at the helm to get this right.

Use UTM tags

The holidays are always a special challenge for online advertisers. There are often always on campaigns: these campaigns run all year round. Think of paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. You achieve good results with the campaigns. Within the organization where you work, people want to pick up on the holidays and they ask you for help to fix this. How are you going to set this up within your account structure? And how can you best deal with the current ongoing campaigns?

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