Vroeger was alles beter!

What makes nostalgia marketing such a big trend right now? In short, nostalgia marketing makes people feel good, making it a powerful commercial tool. According to the University of Southampton*, nostalgia marketing can even counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. Other studies indicate that nostalgia can help people cope better with stressful moments or big changes in their lives.

Reference to days gone by

The past year and a half has been filled with uncertainty and fear. With lockdowns, face masks, social isolation and boredom. Especially in Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List uncertain times, people long for the comfort of earlier, better times. Old films, TV shows and music from the past then give extra sentiment and grow in popularity (pdf). This makes 2021 the ideal year for an effective use of nostalgia marketing.

Another brand recognized

How do you apply nostalgia marketing as a marketer? As a brand you can respond to these developments. Let the consumer relive that memory of a bygone era by breathing new life into iconic moments or periods of history (brand or general). Think, for example, of a retro visual identity, a reference to an iconic moment in (sports) history, or by using old images and music.

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