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It is therefore very important for advertisers to see how you can benefit from this. Many retailers have been taking advantage of this development for some time, by successfully selling across borders via these platforms. Naturally, this also creates major dilemmas. On the one hand, these platforms offer an easy gateway. To potentially large volumes, but they also provide an increasing dependency.

Visual search provides a completely

It is advisable for advertisers to experiment with this in any case, so that you can decide on that basis how you want and can not use this. 12. Retention as a basis, but also as an opportunity for growth Good retention figures should always Estonia B2B List form the basis. However, that does not always appear to be the case. The acquisition costs per customer are now very much on the minds of many advertisers.

Some examples in the field of visual search:

It is a number that is not only known, but also a number that is controlled daily and people are working on to improve. Strangely enough, this unfortunately does not apply to the retention figures. What the first order yields is often clear, but if you ask the question what a customer will yield in several years, it often remains silent. As a result, it is not experimented with or optimized for.

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