Virtual events forced organizers

The moment our government’s roadmap allows this again, we will all go to physical events at the speed of LED light. But different than we did before corona. The hacker, hustler and hipster Earlier I wrote about ‘the hybrid normal’ . About the new normal of events, in which I believe the hybrid form will become the standard. Over the past year, the public has tasted in all sorts of ways. How wonderful a virtual event can be compared to a physical event.

Not all ‘business’ will go back to ‘as usual

The moment we can physically welcome people again, the dream team of hackers (techies), hustlers (project leader, partnerships) and hipsters (experience) will really have to look again at the set-up of an event. Every visitor has been given Lebanon Phone Number List a virtual front row seat , can come into direct. Contact with speakers and therefore no longer has to be one. Buy email list from latest mailing database. The combination of a Netflix-worthy on-demand content library with live.

Redesigning the customer journey

Content ensures that programs can be beautifully personalized and. Visitors no longer have to write off whole workdays for physical programs. They can view their favorite items from home or work and thus experience an event more efficiently. Events are not yet going to win over the physical brothers. But when I examine the physical event experience with fellow organizers , people often don’t get any further than cupcakes with a logo on them and public WiFi.

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