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If contact details are available, check the authenticity of these details. Call the phone number given, email them to check if it actually works. Look carefully at the content and photos on the site to make sure they are the original and related company’s products and services. Legitimate sites always publish original and authentic content and never copy content from other sites. Fake website, India mainly uses pictures of western men and women to attract people. This is a common feature from home sorting site jobs looking for.

The contact addresses that such sites typically New Zealand Phone Number List provide are unheard of. Companies located in Forsaken Places have met Western men and women to “work from home” for their projects? Hard to believe, right? So, don’t! Any sites that claim to offer jobs, freelance projects, work from home options, and ask for paid registration or one-time payment for training or project kits should be avoided !

Check Language and Grammar

The language of a website can provide an idea about the quality of the website. Most websites are in English language. Check language, spelling and grammar. Cruel content and too many misspellings mean a blatant fake site. Not only the website content, but even the testimonials published on the website can be full of grammatical errors and unbelievable claims. Check that the site is verified by Google. The most secure sites will be verified and the address bar will show either location or security level. Look at the URL in the address bar of your internet browser. Verify that the website or link does not lead to an incorrect page.

Check Who is Query

New Zealand Phone Number List
New Zealand Phone Number List

Do a domain WHOIS lookup to see who owns the domain. Look for a registrar that will tell you, the domain name creation and expiration date and contact details. As I said, the fake site mentioned above does not include contact details on the site. However, using a WHOIS lookup, it is easy to confirm that the domain is owned by a company in Kirkland (USA) and the alleged channeling is based in Haryana. Her email id was fake, it only contained junk characters.



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