Using webinars for lead generation in 7 steps

Inbound marketing alone does not work! Lead generation and qualification through the webinar Step 1. Determine the objective, target group and tooling Step 2. Determine the subject, content and time Step 3. Create a promotion plan Step 4. Prepare the webinar Step 5. Create Engagement & Interaction for Lead Qualification Step 6. Make an offer (CTA) Step 7.

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Follow-up plans with sales & marketing What is a good lead? The marketing department often organizes a webinar and spends a lot of time and effort on getting participants, setting up a good program Physician Email List and then technically realizing the webinar. Afterwards, the participants will receive a recording and slides. The list of participants is then sent to sales with the request to approach everyone.

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Physician Email List

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Sales in turn is not happy about this. After all, it is only people who have listened to a webinar, they are certainly not valuable leads. And they are right! Inbound marketing alone does not work! Before you start a webinar for lead generation, it is important to coordinate with sales what the lead funnel looks like. When is a lead ready to be approached by sales? And when not yet?

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